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Mind-Body Connection

It's very clear that your mental and emotional state impact your health (and the other way around, too). If you neglect one then you are not healing your whole person. In our Western culture we tend to neglect both, and especially our mental/emotional health. Even if you've seen a naturopath and are on a healthy treatment plan, you may still be neglecting your mental/emotional health and the connection that it has to your physical state. Many people feel so many different emotions, including: stress, exhaustion, anger, grief, etc. We often ignore and suppress our emotions - until they begin to cause physical symptoms. Even if you don't think that your physical symptoms are caused by mental/emotional factors, they probably are (in my experience - physical symptoms are almost always caused by mental/emotional issues).

Despite it being the basic tenet of many ancient medicines and philosophies, not everyone has experienced the connection between the mind and the body. Holistic Counseling is a method to bring to light how underlying beliefs and patterns held in how we think and live affects our physical, emotional, and mental health. You will also learn techniques to help unravel those underlying beliefs and patterns for unprecedented, lasting healing. Everyone is wounded. But getting to the bottom of it can be difficult without a technique such as Holistic Counseling.

During our appointments together, we will have a holistic dialogue - exploring every aspect of your life. We will then work out a plan together that will include mind-body healing and mindfulness techniques.